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Twitch Card

During the COVID-19 Pandemic I started streaming on Twitch. I am a variety streamer with a very interactive chat. The software behind the stream includes OBS Studio and LioranBoard. By streaming, I have learned how to balance live video production while being the on screen talent. My Twitch stream can be found here.


I currently manage a Star Trek themed podcast on the Four Eyed Radio Network entitled The Starfleet Escape PodCast. For the podcast I am the primary host, editor, social media manager, as well as the creator. Since one of my co-hosts lives in another state we utilize Google Hangouts. The audio from the hangout is recorded and then edited by myself using Audacity. To listen to the podcast, please go to our podcast site located here.

Starfleet Escape PodCast
Starfleet Escape PodCast Logo Application Development

I am currently maintaining two programs. One is a virtual student log book used in multiple computer learning centers that are managed by J. Ryan Solutions, INC. The other, a personal project, is an interactive Star Trek role playing application.

webOS App Development

At the height of webOS popularity I developed three apps for the platform. Two Star Trek themed App Launchers and a MBTA RSS status app. These apps were available on the Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, the HP Pre 2, the HP Pre 3, HP Veer, and the HP TouchPad. No new webOS mobile devices are currently in development thus I no longer offer support for these apps.

LCARS Launcher, How’s Charlie, and Klingon App Launcher.